Titan Lebu GeneratorIntroducing the Titan Lebu Generator—a marvel of micro-hydroelectric power technology designed to harness the energy of flowing water, predominantly from rivers. Custom-built to suit varying conditions such as head, flow rate, and specific metrics, this generator stands as a beacon of sustainable energy production.Ideal for remote communities situated far from the main grid, the Titan Lebu Generator offers a lifeline of electricity. By harnessing the natural flow of water, it generates clean and renewable energy, empowering these communities to meet their electric energy needs independently.Customizable to the unique characteristics of each location, this micro-hydroelectric generator ensures efficient and reliable power generation. Whether it's for small villages, rural settlements, or off-grid locations, the Titan Lebu Generator provides a dependable source of electricity, reducing dependence on traditional grid systems.Embrace sustainability and energy autonomy with the Titan Lebu Generator—a solution that not only harnesses the power of nature but also empowers communities by providing consistent, renewable electricity from flowing water sources.

Titan Mega DigestorIntroducing the Titan Mega Digestor—an industrial-scale, bespoke solution crafted to handle vast quantities of organic waste. Custom-built to meet the unique needs of clients, this powerhouse digester efficiently processes large volumes of organic materials, producing a substantial amount of methane gas.Designed for clients with substantial waste outputs, such as dairy farms, agro-processing facilities, or municipalities seeking energy independence, the Titan Mega Digestor generates significant methane gas suitable for mass cooking. However, it doesn't stop there—this system is recommended to include a generator that efficiently converts methane gas into electricity.The produced electricity goes beyond just cooking; it powers diverse activities, providing an eco-friendly energy source for various operations. To optimize functionality, the Titan Mega Digestor can be equipped with its own shredder and mixer units, tailored to handle specific types of organic waste efficiently.This custom-built solution embodies innovation and sustainability, enabling clients to harness organic waste and transform it into valuable energy resources. For businesses and municipalities aiming for energy self-sufficiency from their organic waste, the Titan Mega Digestor stands as a reliable, high-capacity solution, setting a new standard in waste-to-energy technology.

Titan D01 - Biogas DigesterIntroducing the Titan D01 Biogas Digester—an innovative solution that transforms various organic waste, including food waste from hotels and restaurants, into a valuable energy source. Designed to match diverse waste outputs, this digestor efficiently converts organic materials into biogas, offering a sustainable and cost-effective cooking fuel.What sets the Titan D01 apart is its adaptability. For harder-to-insert waste, it features an integrated shredder, making the process seamless. These shredders can be powered by motors for larger quantities of waste or operated manually by rotating a handle, enabling human-powered operation for smaller amounts.When you invest in a Titan D01 Biogas Digester, you're not just reducing waste; you're gaining access to a renewable energy source for your cooking needs. Seamlessly integrate this eco-conscious technology into your lifestyle and enjoy the benefits of free cooking gas generated from a wide range of organic waste materials. Plus, purchasing the Titan D01 opens the door to our compatible range of stoves, enabling you to harness the energy produced by the digester for efficient, eco-friendly cooking experiences. Take the first step towards sustainability with the Titan D01 Biogas Digester and embrace a greener, more energy-efficient way of cooking.

Titan ST03 - StoveIntroducing the Titan ST03, the pinnacle of modernity in cooking appliances. This updated version embodies contemporary design while retaining all the exceptional features of its predecessors, Titan ST01 and ST02. With its sleek, cutting-edge aesthetics, the Titan ST03 elevates your kitchen space, complementing it with a sophisticated touch.Just like its predecessors, the Titan ST03 is a versatile stove that effortlessly runs on biogas, ethanol, or LPG, ensuring flexibility and convenience in your cooking preferences. Seamlessly switch between fuel sources with minor burner adjustments, all while enjoying the sleek, modern design that enhances your culinary experience.Moreover, our range of biogas digesters perfectly complements the Titan ST03. Tailored to various waste outputs, these digesters efficiently convert organic waste into valuable cooking gas. It's an eco-conscious solution that not only minimizes waste but also provides a sustainable source of cooking fuel. Upgrade to the Titan ST03 and embrace the harmony of modern design, versatile functionality, and eco-friendly innovation for your kitchen.

Titan ST02 - StoveIntroducing the Titan ST02, where elegance meets functionality in the world of cooking appliances. With its modern, aesthetic design, the Titan ST02 is not just a stove—it's a statement piece for your kitchen. Boasting every feature of its predecessor, the Titan ST01, this stove ensures seamless operation on biogas, ethanol, or LPG with minimal burner adjustments.But that's not all—we offer a range of biogas digesters in various sizes, ensuring that your organic waste finds purpose. Matched precisely to your waste output, these digesters provide a seamless way to generate free cooking gas from your excess organic materials. Say goodbye to waste and hello to efficient, cost-effective cooking solutions with our Titan ST02 stove and complementary biogas digesters.

Titan ST01 - StoveIntroducing our versatile Titan ST01 stove—a sleek, eco-friendly solution for your cooking needs. Crafted for simplicity and sustainability, this stove operates seamlessly on biogas, ethanol, or LPG (with minor burner adjustments). With just a few clicks on our website or Telegram bot, you can order the Titan ST01 and expect personalized service tailored to your needs.But that's not all—we offer a range of biogas digesters in various sizes, ensuring that your organic waste finds purpose. Matched precisely to your waste output, these digesters provide a seamless way to generate free cooking gas from your excess organic materials. Say goodbye to waste and hello to efficient, cost-effective cooking solutions with our Titan ST01 stove and complementary biogas digestors.

At Titan Renewable Solutions, we are committed to revolutionizing sustainable energy solutions and waste management practices to empower communities and safeguard our planet's future.Our MissionOur mission is clear: to create affordable, reliable, and environmentally friendly renewable energy solutions while addressing pressing challenges faced by communities in Ethiopia and similar developing nations. Through innovation, dedication, and a commitment to excellence, we aim to deliver tangible and lasting impacts.Innovative SolutionsWe specialize in pioneering innovations that stand at the intersection of efficiency, portability, and adaptability. Our lineup of groundbreaking solutions includes:Biogas Reactors: Converting organic waste into valuable resources like methane gas for clean cooking and electricity, and nutrient-rich worms for agricultural use.
Organic Fertilizers and Biochar: Transforming waste into soil-enhancing products, reducing dependence on harmful chemical-based fertilizers, and replacing wood-made charcoal sustainably.
Mini Hydroelectric Power Plants: Generating electricity from natural water sources without disrupting ecosystems.
Mini Biogas Digesters: Empowering households and small businesses to produce biogas from organic waste.
Our ImpactWe envision a world where communities thrive through access to clean, affordable energy and sustainable waste management.Our solutions are designed to:Environmental Impact: Reduce greenhouse gas emissions, efficiently manage waste, conserve natural resources, and preserve biodiversity.
Economic Empowerment: Provide affordable electricity to underserved regions, decrease dependence on imported fuels and fertilizers, create jobs, and generate income.
Health and Well-being: Improve nutrition, reduce disease risks through proper waste management, and promote clean, sustainable energy and products.
ValuesAt the core of Titan Renewable Solutions lie our values of innovation, sustainability, inclusivity, and community empowerment. We believe in fostering an environment that champions democratic values, engages youth, respects human rights, promotes gender equality, and ensures accessibility for all.Join Us in the JourneyWe invite you to join us on this transformative journey towards a more sustainable, equitable, and prosperous future. Together, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of communities and the health of our planet.